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Let Hawaii’s trade winds naturally cool your home with jalousie windows. Coastal jalousies allow optimal airflow and ventilation to keep you comfortable even on the hottest days. We designed our jalousie windows specifically for Hawaii using the highest-quality corrosion-resistant materials to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

We offer a variety of custom jalousie windows. Choose the size, style, and options to fit seamlessly with your island home.

features of Our Jalousie Windows:

  • 100% ventilation
  • Solid vinyl frame, thermal-welded for strength and sealed to provide a lifetime of attractive, low-maintenance beauty and performance
  • Slat holder design helps prevent the removal of the slats in the closed and locked position for added security.
  • No exposed operating metal parts for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Gasketed head, sill, and water dam for a superior seal against air and water infiltration
  • UV-resistant polypropylene slat holders for added strength and durability
  • Attractive, high-quality security hardware with corrosion-resistant components

Coastal Windows® 500 Series High Performance Jalousie Windows

Ideal for commercial and residential applications, larger window units, high wind-loads and structures over two stories

Additional features include:

  • 5 1/16” frame depth eliminates the need for drywall returns on standard double-wall construction
  • Designer 6-inch and original 4-inch slats
  • Screens: Choose from inside or outside mounted screens. (Inside screens recommended in multi-story applications for easy cleaning and maintenance)

Coastal Windows® 300 Series Jalousie Windows

Ideal for residential applications where a thinner frame is required

Additional features include:

  • 3 1/4” frame depth
  • Original 4-inch slats
  • Screens: Outside mounted screens only

Use alone or combined with other window styles for a virtually limitless variety of design possibilities…

Glass Slat Jalousies

Whether you select the classic slim lines of our 4-inch slats or the contemporary styling of our 6-inch slats, you can be assured that Coastal Jalousies are the most secure, maintenance-free jalousies for your home.

  • Choose from either our 500 or 300 Series frame
  • Available in designer 6-inch or original 4-inch slats in clear, obscure, gray, or bronze tinted glass
  • Optional CoastalSECURE package available

Poly-Timber Slat Jalousies

Coastal Poly-Timber Jalousies enable you to control the amount of daylight coming in while allowing cool trade winds to flow through. Vinyl slats mean no painting, no wood rot, and no termites!

Our Poly-Timber Jalousie windows feature all the benefits of our glass slat jalousies and more…

  • Provide privacy while still allowing natural ventilation
  • Integral vinyl weatherstrip at each interlocking groove for superior air and water seals
  • Choose from either our 500 or 300 Series frame with 4-inch premium vinyl slats
  • Optional CoastalSECURE package available

Jalousie CoastalSECURE Packages

For increased strength, safety and security, choose our optional CoastalSECURE safety package for your Glass Slat or Poly-Timber Jalousies. Ideal for commercial and residential applications.

Glass Slat SECURITY Jalousies

CoastalSECURE Glass Slat Jalousies

Feature Stronghold® System “pinned” hardware clips and safety-tempered glass slats. The innovative “pinning” system features a high-strength acetal pin inserted through both the hardware clip and the safety-tempered glass slat. Once installed, the pins cannot be removed without tools, and the slats are prevented from being removed from the clips.

CoastalSECURE Poly-Timber Slat Jalousies

We reinforce your Poly-Timber slats with steel for added strength, then fasten each individual slat securely into its clip. This unique design option prevents the slats from being removed without tools, even when the window is open.


All Coastal windows and doors are custom-manufactured to your specifications. Choose the size, style, and options to complement your island home.


Choose from standard white or custom exterior color finishes.


Choose from clear, obscure, gray or bronze tinted glass in designer 6-inch or original 4-inch slats. Vinyl slats and wood slats are also available.


500 Series: Choice of inside or outside mounted screen. (Inside screens recommended in multi-story applications for easy cleaning and maintenance). 300 Series: Outside mounted screens only.


Nail Flange or Block Frame. All windows and doors are manufactured with nail flange, allowing for easy installation in new construction. The flange can be easily removed for replacement applications (block frame).

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